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Americans often make drastic miscalculations about the value of their time, taking a do-it-yourself approach to tasks that might be less costly in time and money to hire out. Wall Street Journal

Men who spend time organizing their home office were more likely to spend time playing with their CHILDREN than men whose home office is in disarray. Ikea survey

Our on site handyman services affords us the opportunity to provide one-stop shopping for our clients. Once the organizing project has been completed, our handyman can assist with the recommended improvements.

     • Custom design and installation of shelves
     • Closet design and installation
     • Assemble furniture
     • Miscellaneous home repairs and carpentry projects
     • Light hauling

When you analyze the cost of clutter, the reward of being organized is well worth
the cost of hiring a professional

“Ellen not only helped me get rid of the clutter in my house, but the clutter in my head as a result of the chaos surrounding me.  I walk into the rooms we have tackled together and exhale as opposed to shutting the door and telling myself “I”ll get to it later”.  Denise Y
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