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Leon Newman

Leon is a Pharmacy Manager in the retail industry where he has spent his entire career counseling patients, managing staff and controlling inventory. He apprenticed for an electrician and a carpenter while attending Pharmacy School.

Some of his home improvement projects include; kitchen remodeling, custom built in cabinets and shelves, decks and finished basements. Since 2001, he has applied these skills to a wide range of ClutterRx organizing projects.

The team of organizers evaluates the area to be organized, and makes recommendations for systems that will maximize the space. Leon converts the assessment into tangible systems to install closet systems, assemble free standing shelving and bookcases, and a variety of handyman services throughout the residence.

Leon attended the University of Maryland in College Park as an undergraduate, and the University of Maryland in Baltimore Pharmacy School.


Colleen Dolinish

Colleen Dolinish has been a member of the ClutterRx team since February 2007.
She worked for several years as a Quality Assurance Manager where she audited a research staff in excess of 100 employees,
provided statistical data on real estate trends to the media, and was responsible for reviewing employee performance. She also worked as a Land Acquisition Researcher for a national home builder.

Colleen’s employment experiences have had a direct influence on the way that she organizes.  Her love of detail work and “fine-tuning” make her a valuable asset to the team.  She has developed a keen eye for details and a clear visual sense of order that guide her through the organizing process.  
Colleen attended Radford University and received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. She is a native Washingtonian and is actively involved in PTA, girl scouts and is a former president of the Moms Club in her community. 


Lisa Cunningham
Lisa Cunningham received a Bachelors of Science from the University of Maryland in Elementary and Special Education and a Masters of Art in Reading from Hood College.Her teaching experience includes emotionally impaired teenagers and preschoolers.
Other work experience includes; administrative support for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, customer service for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and event preparation for Capitol Running Company.

Lisa enjoys helping clients organize their lives so that they can spend their limited time on what matters most to them. She prides herself on hard work, sensitivity to her client's concern for their possessions and her ability to work in a manner that balances accomplishment with understanding.
She is a resident of Montgomery County and is active in charitable organizations such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Carol Jean Cancer Foundation.

“Ellen not only helped me get rid of the clutter in my house, but the clutter in my head as a result of the chaos surrounding me.  I walk into the rooms we have tackled together and exhale as opposed to shutting the door and telling myself “I”ll get to it later”.  Denise Y
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